Corrina Askin

Corrina Askin

John Moores University Liverpool
Royal College of Art , London

After years of mostly daydreaming, dillydallying and making up stuff, I find I have actually done some work, for which all of the above has actually been quite useful.

I’ve worked as a creator of IP for Cbeebies, MTV, Channel 4 and The Irish Film Board.  I created two pre school animated series, currently on air. Castle Farm on Channel Five and Joe and Jack on RTE.

My work has sold around the world, including to Disney Latin America, ABC Australia and Milkshake Channel Five.

In illustration, I’ve won awards from Bologna Children’s Book Fair, The Bisto Award for illustration and The Cle publishing award. I’ve worked with Random House, O Brien Press, as well as several independents.

I live in the middle of nowhere in North West Donegal, Ireland and take occasional trips to exciting places.

I like doing nothing
I like eating dinner that other people have cooked
I like having inspired thoughts, mostly brought on by first two likes